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A complete mobile catering solution for professional chefs

Outdoor is hot in the catering / hospitality sector

From pop-up concepts and restaurant terraces to ski resorts and hotel lounges, outdoor catering / hospitality concepts continue to grow in popularity. The health benefits and pleasure of being in the open air, while enjoying good cuisine, have found their way to the hearts of gastronomy lovers worldwide. With outdoor cooking in their DNA, premium brands OFYR and The Bastard offer a range of cooking appliances specifically tailored to the needs of the hospitality sector – professional chefs. 

Discover how JRE France chefs experience OFYR and The Bastard in Bouzy, Champagne Area.


Year-round outdoor cooking

The warmth of OFYR makes it both a spectacular and gastronomic experience, attracting guests and catching visitors’ eye.

As Mr. Nicolas Durif, Michelin-starred chef of restaurant L’hysope states: “In the winter it is even nicer, because everyone gathers around the OFYR to keep warm, to experience the cooking up close and eat directly around the fire. What I especially appreciate is that you can prepare anything: we made salmon and beef tataki, but also apricots and watermelon,” explains Chef Marie Scarline of Le Baysca. Thanks to the wood-fired plancha, and the wide range of accessories, full-course meals are prepared on the OFYR.


The closed cooking system of The Bastard makes it easier to keep control of temperatures, regardless of weather conditions. The ceramic barbecue or “Kamado” has been appreciated for several years and is known by chefs to be the most versatile, precise and complete cooking unit.

Mr. Benjamin Delpierre, President of the JRE France and Michelin-starred Chef of restaurant La Liègeoise concludes: “The combination of the two types of cooking allows smoking, braising, cooking and, above all, having fun with cooking a lot of different things!”


A new and completed collection for professionals in 2023

Before the end of the year, The Bastard will launch its new model, The Bastard VX, in a Medium and Large edition.

The dome of this kamado has an innovative shape, which increases the cooking surface, whilst regulating air inflow with extreme precision.

With its matte black finish and The Bastard’s signature ruggedness, it is above all the unprecedented design which makes it into a true piece of art; both technically and aesthetically, to be enjoyed by both the professional chef and the private barbecue fanatic.


The Bastard VX Kamado to cook outdoor


OFYR launches its PRO+ line, presenting a new cooking unit with a diameter of 120 cm. The increased cooking surface is ideal for bigger groups and professional use, while it also sees optimized wood consumption and air flow. The PRO+ line is completed with a Mise en Place unit with a length of 150 cm, as well as a Kamado Table designed especially to fit The Bastard VX. All units have wheels and a handle for maneuverability, answering the professionals’ need for flexibility, maintenance and adaptation to the event industry.


Another novelty, which had its world premiere at Spoga+Gafa earlier this year, is The OFYR Cage, only available for professional users of the PRO+ line, the OFYR Trailer and the OFYR XL.


OFYR Trailer Cooking Unit catering outdoor

OFYR XL Cooking Plate


Save the Date – Discover the 2023 Professional’s collection of The Bastard and OFYR at EQUIPHOTEL, 6-10 November, Paris (FR)


EquipHotel is the leading international trade show for professionals in the hotel, restaurant , and catering sector.

It is held every two years in Paris (Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles).


Meet us at the Fyron Group booth to discover the PRO+ line of OFYR and The Bastard VX and professional solutions, together with hotel managers, cooks, chefs, restaurant owners, architects, designers and decorators from all around the world.

Reach out to your Fyron contact person for tickets. We are looking forward to welcoming you there!

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