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Our team is characterised passion, genuine enthusiasm and fun. These values are also the key drivers behind the products we design. We believe in strong and durable partnerships with our customers, professionals, worldwide network and colleagues.

Winner's mentality

We settle for nothing but the best, we are dedicated, and we are committed to win. We want to win people’s hearts, and we want to be successful in our mission and ambitions.

Innovative values

We are tirelessly searching for new solutions and improvements. With a playful and curious mindset in all levels of our organisation, we are constantly innovating and enhancing ourselves and our products.

Lead by design

We believe in the smart design of our products. Detail, quality and durability are key in our creational, productional and sales processes.

Supportive values in a healthier lifestyle

Prepare BBQ Food

Adding variety for a balanced diet: experimenting with various cooking techniques, preparing ingredients in different ways and conscious meat consumption.

One of our values is Eat healty from the BBQ

With our products, we want to create moments of connection and togetherness at home or close to home. This is one of our values.

One of our values is Eat with friends and family together outside the door

We embrace the physical and mental benefits of spending time outdoors, by encouraging moments of connection with our loved ones.

Barbeque or barbecue?
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Barbeque or barbecue?

Barbeque or barbecue? This is a common question that many people ask when it comes to writing this word. While both spellings are commonly used, there is actually a correct

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