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Welcome to the "Our Brands" page of Fyron, where we showcase our range of high-quality BBQ brands designed to meet the needs of BBQ enthusiasts worldwide. Our outdoor cooking brands include OFYR, The Bastard, Grill Guru, and Grizzly Grills.

At Fyron, we are passionate about BBQ, and our range of brands reflects our commitment to providing high-quality, versatile, and innovative outdoor cooking systems. Whether you're a seasoned BBQ pro or a novice cook, our brands are sure to provide you with the tools you need to create delicious, memorable BBQ experiences.

Meet our BBQ brands.

Experience OFYR

OFYR is an innovative and versatile outdoor cooking unit that is a wood-fired plancha made of corten steel. The OFYR grill is perfect for entertaining large groups of people, as its design encourages a communal atmosphere, where guests can cook their food together. OFYR is also incredibly versatile, allowing you to cook anything from vegetables to meat.

Discover The Bastard

The Bastard is a Dutch BBQ brand that specializes in high-quality kamado grills. The Bastard is known for its sleek and modern design, which is a perfect complement to any outdoor living space. The Bastard's kamado grills are made of high-quality ceramics, which retain heat for long periods, ensuring even and consistent cooking.

Meet Grill Guru

Grill Guru is a brand that focuses on creating easy to use charcoal grills that are both durable and affordable. The kamado barbecue features adjustable grates that allow you to control the cooking temperature. Grill Guru also offers a range of accessories, including grilling tools and cookbooks, to enhance your BBQ experience.

Explore Grizzly Grills

Grizzly Grills is a brand that creates high-end BBQ equipment for professional and amateur chefs alike. Grizzly Grills offer a wide range of products, including charcoal barbecues and accessories, that are designed to meet the needs of every BBQ enthusiast. The Grizzly Grills BBQs are known for their superior build quality, advanced features, and exceptional performance.

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